Mediation is Cool Now!

Mediation is Cool Now!
Hey, if the NBA is using mediation, I think we can finally say mediation is going mainstream now. And no, I did not have to use this particular picture, but I thought I it was funny.
The story, incase you are intersted:
DALLAS — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and former Mavs coach Don Nelson are headed to mediation Thursday to try and resolve their long-running dispute over the former coach’s compensation package.

“We’re going to mediation for the appeal,” Nelson, who now coaches the Golden State Warriors, said before his team played the Mavericks on Wednesday night. “That’s all I know at this point.”
Read the full story [here]
This Could Be a Handful
The central players in the Long Branch eminent domain drama continue to meet behind closed doors to hammer out an agreement allowing property owners who wish to keep their homes, as other thorny settlement details are being hashed out.
Situations that are in mediation cases like these always have the potential to derail by leaks to the media. Kudos to the mediator(s) foreseeing this by getting the parties to agree to do this:
In a joint statement, the parties noted they are continuing to work with the mediator “to attempt to resolve all issues,” they wrote. “The parties agree that additional information must be obtained and discussed. The parties shall have no further comment at this time per the instructions and requests of the mediator.”
Full story [here]
Has Prime Minister Erdogan’s Ability to Mediate Gone Cold Turkey pun intended
Not sure if anyone read about this in the news already, but its worth looking at it from the angle of his future ability to play the role of mediator in the Middle East.
The following is an expert from an opinion peice in the German site Deutsch Welle:
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s stormy exit from a panel discussion on the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip at the Davos summit has discredited him as a mediator in the region, says Deutsche Welle’s Baha Güngör.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s performance at the World Economic Forum in Davos has destroyed any hopes that had been pinned on him to act a mediator in the Middle East conflict.
Erdogan was seated next to Israeli President Shimon Peres, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon and Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa. The topic of the panel discussion moderated by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius was the recent war in Gaza.

Full article [here]

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