Spring Conference Time!

The ABA Section on Dispute Resolution’s 11th Annual Spring Conference (wow that’s a mouthful) is this April, did you know?

Well, you do now and I highly recommend it. It happens to be in New York City, from April 15th – 18th at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

There are many superb speakers that will be present. Honestly, the tough part will be to try and fit everything in. Don’t believe me, or slightly curious about the authenticity of that comment? Well then check the brochure right [here] and see for yourself.

A disclaimer by the way, I am not a member of the ABA or own stock in it, so I have no gain in mentioning it other than I get $1 for each person that visits the site and signs up from my link… kidding 🙂

My all-star list at the moment includes:

* Communicating Across Cultures
* Mediating Globally: The impact of Culture on Mediation
* Neuroscience, Negotiation and Persuasion
* ADR in the Growing Complexity of International Art Law
* Government Transition and the Role of ADR
*Designing Justice: Dispute System Design and Justice in Education, Courts, Communities & Employment
* Designing Effective Public Input Processes
* Mediators Beyond Borders
* Marketing Plan Workshop
* High Risk Negotiations
* The 7 Keys to Mediation as a Global Profession

Oh, and that’s my basic, at-the-moment, itinerary so if you want to stalk me at the Conference, there you go.

I am sure I will blog on this more leading up to the event but thought I would give a heads up to those who have not heard about it yet.

Finally, the link to the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution is [here] and registration is [here]

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