New York University Under Siege

NYU Under Siege!

Well, the Kimmel Cafeteria is at least. This is still a developing story, so I will post more on it tomorrow. If you are interested, there is a blog posting updates every few minutes [here]

NY Times first broke the story [here]

From CBS:
AP) Dozens of students have barricaded themselves inside of New York University‘s student union cafeteria to demand increased transparency of the school’s finances. The protest began about 10 p.m. Wednesday when students from various city universities gathered inside the cafeteria of the Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life. Members of the coalition called Take Back NYU! pushed tables and chairs against the doors. A supporter said about 60 students were involved.
An open letter by a fellow student criticizing the ‘takeover’ [here]
“It is peculiarly ironic that a group of students who (presumably) oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine choose occupation as their method of communication and conflict-resolution last night.
It is even more confusing to me that my peers, so dedicated to their activist lifestyles, did not enlist the most necessary tactics of activism in their demonstration yesterday evening. Take Back NYU – I am asking you for self-reflection. Do you think occupation is effective? Or have you merely hosted a publicity stunt void of accomplishment? As a fellow student activist who believes in your ability to make a difference, I write to you asking for clarification, transparency, solidarity, and sincerity.”

Russia, Mediators, Georgia, Smiles All Around
Russia and Georgia have agreed on a mechanism to try to prevent any flareups around the breakaway South Ossetia region from turning into full-scale clashes, international mediators said on Wednesday.
The mediators hailed the accord as an important step forward in efforts to reduce tensions in the area, which sparked a brief but devastating war between the two last August, but diplomats warned that it needed to be tested on the ground.

International Herald Trbune article [here]

New Mediation Program Started In Kansas
In order to increase efficiency and resolve conflicts between consumers and businesses, Attorney General Steve Six today unveiled his new Consumer Mediation Program. It was developed to work though common consumer problems and obtain refunds and restitution without the need for legal action.
“Through my new Mediation Program, we can return money to consumers without stepping foot in a courtroom,” Six said. “This program will help us efficiently assist Kansas consumers while saving on the cost of expensive litigation.”

Full story [here]

Mediator Credited With Settling Fire Department Contract Dispute
OLEAN – The city of Olean and its 36 firefighters have a tentative agreement on a new contract after about two years of negotiations.Mayor David Carucci and Capt. James Bennett, president of the Olean Professional Firefighters Association, announced Tuesday afternoon that the two sides have reached a deal, but neither would comment on the specifics until the new contract is ratified by the association and Common Council.
The two sides met with a mediator from the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Tuesday for the second time and reached an agreement, avoiding arbitration.

Full story [here]

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