7 Elements of Negotiation, Part 5: Legitimacy

7 Elements of Negotiation

Part 5: Legitimacy

How do you prove your offer or options are fair? How do you prove the other side’s offer is not fair? finding a neutral, external standard defines the legitimacy of the offers being made.

Ask yourself, how would such a deal be viewed by a third party?

If it is a money situation, is charging 9% the usual accepted rate? If it is a contract dispute, is it a commonly accepted practice to expect a deposit back? In the community mediation setting, do you expect the 3 year old child upstairs to stop stop moving, let alone running?

As a mediator, it helps at times being experienced, perhaps even a expert in the field you are mediating in. Although you are not determining the outcome, it could provide you insight into what open ended type questions to ask.

As the negotiator, knowing accepted standards will help solidify your offers, possibly lessen theirs, and even create a new option(s).

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