Negotiation as a Poker Game

Hold’em & Negotiation

Victoria Pynchon has put together a wonderful presentation showing you how to win millions in Texas Hold’em.

Not really, but almost just as good, she shows how similar strategies can be used in both.

Well worth a look (btw, I love the Colin Powell quote!).

Visit her blog [here] and the posting of the slideshow is [here]

One Response to “Negotiation as a Poker Game”

  1. Vickie Pynchon Says:

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed the presentation (I meant to include the material that went with many of the slides that carry only an image & may still do so when I have time). The Colin Powell quote is one of my favorite too. I heard him speak at a corporate counsel dinner in Los Angeles 3 or 4 years ago and what he said so well encapsulated the heart of interest-based negotiation that it quite literally changed the way I look at negotiation forever. Giants walk among us. We're lucky when we have the chance to learn at their feet. All best, Vickie

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