Book Review: Making Money Talk

Book Review

Making Money Talk: How To Mediate Insured Claims & Monetary Disputes

While at the ABA Spring Dispute Resolution Conference the past few days, I heard many people talk about this book and not only how good it is, some people said it has actually caused them to change their style in certain mediations (those involving money).

I have not purchased the book yet, but it has moved into the top tier of ‘near-future purchases’.

An ABA flyer on books they were selling at the conference had this to say about J. Anderson Little’s book:

Learn how to deal with the peculiar problems of traditional bargaining through proven models and techniques that will help you to:

* Gain a better understanding of the dynamics of money negotiations

* Identify the recurring problems presented in those cases

* Acquaint and arm yourself with new tools to handle those challenges

* Build a model of the mediation process that will serve as a roadmap when traditional bargaining is unavoidable

* Assist the parties in traditional bargaining in a facilitative, rather than a directive way

The appendix includes proposals and counter proposals mad by Plantiffs and Defendants in over one hundred court-ordered mediations in the ssuperior courts in North Carolinea that provide the reader with a sense of the difficulty in settling a case through traditional bargaining, and the frequency of settlement even when the parties’ intial positions are far apart and movement is slow to materialize.

Amazon, among many other vendors have it available.

2 Responses to “Book Review: Making Money Talk”

  1. colm brannigan Says:

    Hi Jeff,It is a very useful and well written book. I have reviewed it for the Ontario Bar Association ADR Section’s Newsletter on-line at:

  2. Mediator Jeff Says:

    Colm,thanks, long time since we have corresponded, how’s things?-jeff

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