New Certification Program Announces Certification Program

I am sure many readers already know about this as either a) you also read other blogs and/or b) you read

Below I will post a roundup of all the coverage it has received, as well as opinions. The only comment I have is from the Q & A (first link below). Setting aside the issue if it is needed or worthy, I wonder why, that it is only going to be available to a very limited amount of people? Why not have a few tiers?

As Jim admits, of the 3,000 mediators listed in the site’s directory, only about 500 would be accepted… and that is if they even apply. If the concern is how certain groups (the court programs are used as an example) are not staying true to the ideals of mediation, what impact will this program have if only a small group of mediators receive this certification?

Staying with the issue on court based mediation, I would think most are volunteer mediators. How many would want to pay the fee to become a member (as required to apply for certification) and then another fee to become certified? How many volunteers would meet the 500 hour requirement? Another thought that comes to mind is that the parties in court based mediations do not even get to choose the mediator.

Enough of me and my questions. Does anyone else have any? I know no program (yet at least) will be the complete package to solve all the issues and problems in the mediation world. My intention is not to be hard on this new program. If anything, it has sparked my interest and that is what made me think of these questions.

Onto the web round up of coverage:

* The announcement from

* The top 3 bloggers– Diane, Vickie and Geoff asked Jim Melamed, CEO of some questions about the new program [here]
* Organizational Ombuds Blog (in depth review, worth a read)
* Mediation Channel (announcing it)
* Ombuds Blog (nice bullet points)
* Negitiation Law Blog (same as the first link)
* Mediator Blah Blah (Geoff broke the news first)

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