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Yes, Diane does have the best blog list on the planet at ADR Blogs but that does not mean no other site can have a list too, right? IMI (International Mediation Institute) has a nice, global list [here].
Also, you have less than one month to finish your profile to become IMI certified under the current format. After that, the process will be much longer so don’t wait! Visit their site [here].

I forgot to mention this last Friday and thanks to Tom at Jaffe Associates for reminding me.
NEW YORK/ROME – JAMS, the premier mediation and arbitration provider in the United States and ADR Center in Italy announced an agreement to form what will be known as JAMS International ADR Center to provide mediation and arbitration of cross-border disputes and training services worldwide. The first JAMS International ADR Center will have its offices in Rome and New York with additional hearing locations in Geneva, London and Brussels. JAMS plans to establish a network of international centers to provide the same high quality services for which JAMS has become known.
Read more [here].
Obama, The Mediator-in-Chief
Barack Obama hopes to turn another page. Instead of domestic issues like race relations, the Mediator-in-Chief steps deep into the throes of Middle East diplomacy today.
Obama seems most himself when tackling a big issue. He identifies the big problems, affirms angst and points out the failings on all sides (that all sides can tolerate being pointed out). He sets a flag on common ground. He talks of bold outcomes but favors incremental action. We know the script and cadence…
Read more [here]
Pilot Project to Test Mediation in Family Court
FREDERICTON – The Liberal government is launching a pilot project that will give families the option of using mediation services to settle disputes outside of the family court system.
The announcement came on the heels of a report released Tuesday that found New Brunswick’s family court system was “needlessly adversarial, frustratingly slow and much too expensive.”
Read more [here]
Mediators Slam Plan to Close Center
Mediators across the country are condemning the Justice Ministry for its plan to close the National Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at the end of June, in accordance with a decision reached by the previous government. The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee has called for the ministry-based center, which oversees some 25 public mediation centers throughout the country and has been in operation for 11 years, to remain open. The Justice Ministry has agreed to reconsider the matter.
Many of the conflicts the local centers resolve have to do with divorce
Read more [here]
Parade Seeks Mediation in Confederate Flag Flap
The Veterans’ Day parade, a 47-year-old tradition in Homestead, is in limbo.
On Thursday morning, officials from the Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce’s military affairs committee unanimously voted to defer making any decisions on continuing or disbanding the popular event.
Instead, the executive board of the committee, known as the MAC, has accepted an offer of mediation by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service, said Jeffrey Wander, who chairs the committee.
The impartial federal group assists communities in resolving conflicts related to race, color and national origin.
”I think this is the best course of action,” Wander said. “To cancel a parade offhand would dishonor the veterans.”
The parade has grown controversial after the Sons of Confederate Veterans marched with the Confederate battle flag on Nov. 11. The Miami-Dade chapter of the NAACP, along with members of the former Homestead/Florida City Human Relations Board, have called for the flag to be banned.
Read more [here]

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