Did You Say Certified!?!

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Over at Mediation Channel, there is a very good discussion going on about the issue of a mediator being certified and the term ‘certified’ being used.

Should anyone be using it? What criteria should be used?

I mentioned over at that site that I am in fact certified! These are the steps needed in order to get the status of being certified with the Safe Horizon Mediation Center:

  • 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • 14 Week Apprenticeship (once a week for 3 hours)
  • This allows a mediator to co-mediate cases at the center.
  • Pass a video test and then you can mediate cases by yourself. The test must be completed within 3 months of finishing the apprenticeship.
  • After passing the video, you can mediate cases solo
  • After mediating 30 cases alone, you become certified!


How did you become certified?

See the comments at Mediation Channel [here] and/or leave a comment below.

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