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Mediation Urged To Stop Repeat of G20 Violence
Independent negotiators should settle disputes between police and protesters to stop a repeat of the violence at the G20 summit where thousands of demonstrators were contained for hours using the controversial tactic of kettling, a parliamentary inquiry proposes today.
The report, by the joint committee on human rights, says police and demonstrators were to blame for failure to communicate in advance of the protests in the City of London in April.

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Interview With Kathy Bryan, President and CEO, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR)
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel recently interviewed Ms. Bryan [here]. Well worth the read. here’s one of the question and answers:
Editor: Please tell our readers about your background.
Bryan: I was in charge of worldwide litigation at Motorola for many years. That’s how I became acquainted with CPR. I started attending CPR meetings 10 years ago and found that it was the place to go to find the latest trends and most creative ideas in dispute resolution – and to hear directly from other Fortune 500 in-house counsel, outside lawyers and academics. So, when I learned of the opportunity to serve CPR as CEO, I welcomed their call. It has been a dream job for almost three years now.

Mediator Can Help With PayPal Rent-Payment Shift
Q.Q: Here is a question for the digital age. I just received a written notice from my property manager informing me that from now on, my rent payments must be made through the PayPal Internet service. I have used PayPal for services such as Amazon, but wonder if I can be forced to use it for my rent payments rather than a traditional check. I prefer to pay by check because a check would be easier for me to trace if there is a complaint raised about whether I paid my rent on time.
Read the answer [here]

How To Effectively Resovle Conflict Q & A with Daniel Shapiro:
…Daniel Shapiro, director of Harvard’s International Negotiation Initiative and co-author of Beyond Reason: Using Emotions As You Negotiate, answers our questions about how the president can effectively resolve the conflict. (Though Gates and Shapiro both work at Harvard, they do not know each other.)
Forbes: What was your initial read on the incident last week?
Daniel Shapiro: My immediate reaction was, “This is complex.” Anyone who wants to mediate should understand the landscape before walking on it. Even the very articulate President Obama found himself treading on challenging waters during the initial conference. It simply goes to show the complexity of the issue that someone as diplomatic and as natural a mediator is still struggling with this issue.

Read the rest of the article [here]

How to Be Your Own Mediator
Read Grande Lum’s latest at the Huffington Post [here]
…As a mediator, my job is to often raise the proverbial “elephant in the room,” the issue that everyone sees, but no one wants to raise for fear of making the situation worse. Often these are issues that have been lingering for months or even years. In a labor-management negotiation, I remember parties telling me that the elephant in the room was a contract agreed to twenty years ago. My wife, a marriage family therapist, strongly believes in exploring family history and sees this as the elephant. She probes a couple’s past and even how a husband and wife learned to deal with conflict from their own growing up in order to work through their current problem. Once raised and worked through, the issue loses some of its harmfulness.

Australia Institute of Sport to Investigate Racial Slur
THE Australian Institute of Sport is investigating a claim by a top boxer that a racial slur was made against him by an official.
Australian amateur super heavyweight champion Trent Rawlings claims he was referred to as “Blacky”.
Rawlings’ father is West Indian and his mother is from South Africa.
The 22-year-old Victorian said the comments were made at an early morning training session in Canberra yesterday.

Read more [here]

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