Web 2.0 Archive!

Did You Missed the ODR Cyber Week
Web 2.0: Going From Oh? To Know!

Well, You are in luck as the archive has been posted below.

You can forever listen to me (Jeff Thompson) moderate a panel of the web’s best ADR professionals:

Diane Levin (www.mediationchannel.com)
Victoria Pynchon (www.Negotiationlawblog.com)
Tammy Lenski (www.MakingMediationYourDayJob.com)
John Ford (editor, www.mediate.com)

You can hear them discuss blogging, writing articles, Twitter, Skype, and other web technology!

They explain how and why they do it (successfully!), the benefits and how it is has helped them.

Learn tips and skills that can help your practice too!

The event was co-presesented by EnjoyMediation.com & Centre For Peace & Social Justice, Southern Cross University, Australia.

Also, a special thanks to the Werner Institute at Creighton University.

You can view the 1 hour broadcast in it’s original format [here].

2 Responses to “Web 2.0 Archive!”

  1. Tammy Lenski Says:

    Hey, Jeff, thanks for the audio archive of our panel discussion. And thanks again for drawing all of us together — it was a blast.

  2. Mediator Jeff Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed and hope you will participate in a future event!

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