Sudan-“US Not Playing Role of Mediator”
Sudan criticised the renewal of economic sanctions by “mediator” US on Khartoum on Sunday, saying the move ran counter to Washington’s role to mediate between north Sudan and the country’s semi-autonomous south. “America claims it works as a mediator and is playing a positive role in solving Sudan’s problems, and at the same time it renews its sanctions against us,” Mustapha Ismail, an advisor to President Omar al-Beshir, told reporters in Cairo.
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Wrongful Death, Assets Case Goes to Mediation
A pair of lawsuits filed against a Berea man over a December auto accident that killed one man are headed to a mediator following an order issued in Madison Circuit Court.Sandra Isaacs, the widow of Jason Isaacs, had filed a wrongful death suit against Elmer Ray French, 71, and a second suit against French, his wife and French Family Trust LLC over the alleged hiding of assets.Madison Circuit Judge William G. Clouse issued a pair of orders Oct. 8 sending each case to a mediator after Isaacs’ attorney had requested mediation in the French Family Trust case and French’s lawyers requested mediation in the wrongful death suit.
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First EU President to be a Mediator?
Brussels – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday the European Union’s first president would need to be a skilled mediator.
‘Of course it needs to be a person with special abilities,’ the chancellor said after a summit of EU leaders in Brussels.
‘To immediately understand the opinion of each member state in short conversations, to implement it fully and still not provoke a row – that is what we wish of the EU president.’

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Md. gov mulling foreclosure mediation legislation
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says he’s looking into legislation to require some effort at mediation “before the machinery of foreclosure and eviction starts up.”
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More on this:
The pileup of foreclosure cases glutting local courtrooms has exposed a growing problem with the legal system: There just aren’t enough lawyers to go around for all the struggling homeowners who need the help.
Now, advocates for expanded legal aid – services that provide lawyers for those who can’t afford to hire their own – are appealing for reforms at both the federal and state level.
The idea seems to be gaining traction in Maryland. Last week, Gov. Martin O’Malley introduced new legislation that would make mediation mandatory. The bill would require mortgage companies to participate in renegotiations of loan terms with homeowners before resorting to the legal process of foreclosure.

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Making Unhappy Customers Happy
Have you noticed how the recent calamities have brought out the worst in people—notably, people in government?
A report adapted from Guidelines for Effective Complaint Management published by the Office of the Ombudsman in New South Wales, Australia, has closely examined the psychology behind complaints from the transacting public.
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