[News] Fund Us & We’ll Cut Deaths: NZ Mediators

Iraq Latest Crucible For Harvard Mediation
CAMBRIDGE – No longer locked in one big war, Iraq has become a land of a hundred little wars. And this promised to be one more of them, as two well-armed tribes clashed over a coveted swath of land.

One tribe brandished a promise to 2,000 acres from the current Iraqi government. The other pointed to a like promise from the regime of Saddam Hussein. Guns were raised, shots fired. There seemed no ground for compromise, beyond the familiar local remedy: blood.
But then something extraordinary happened. The tribes agreed to negotiate and, with the help of the local mayor and others, crafted a deal giving both sides enough land to meet their needs.
“They began thinking of their relationship instead of thinking about revenge upon each other,’’ said Sa’ad Al-Khalidy, one of those who arranged the intervention.
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Ombuds: Police Flouted Rules
State police body in Australia has been criticised for showing “disregard” for procurement rules and accepting gifts from suppliers.
Simon OverlandAn ombudsman’s report into IT purchasing by the Victoria Police found several examples of failure to adopt proper procurement and contract management procedures. In one instance, the report said, buyers prepared paperwork for a contract worth AUS$20.1 million (£11 million) in 24 days, instead of the recommended 10 to 18 months. [Read More]

Israel Wants Turkey Back on Board As Mediator
Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, is expected to propose to Turkey that it resume its mediation role in peace talks between Israel and Syria, in exchange for a return to more cordial relations between Israel and Turkey, according to sources in Jerusalem. The sources said that the policy was coordinated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministry in advance of Ben-Eliezer’s departure on an official visit to Turkey Sunday evening. [Read More]

Fund Us & We’ll Cut Deaths: NZ Mediators
Mediators say they could cut the number of suicides and murders caused by marriage breakups if the Government funded mediation in child custody disputes.
Arbitrators and Mediators Institute director Deborah Hart said a mediation scheme was recommended by the Law Commission in 2003, piloted at four courts in 2005-06 and passed into law last year – but it had still not been implemented because of the cost.
Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier said yesterday that 18 people involved in Family Court processes had committed suicide and four others had been killed in the 13 months to last June.
Ms Hart said some of those people might be alive today if the mediation scheme had been implemented.

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Ombuds Office Explained At Boston University
Acting on a report by the Faculty Council on Diversity and Inclusion, BU has created a new and critical position, which was filled in September. President Robert A. Brown introduced the new member of the community at this year’s University Management Conference.
“One of the most important recommendations of (the faculty council) was the establishment of the ombuds office as a new mechanism to help faculty, staff, and students bring forward issues that are negatively affecting life within the workplace of our University,” Brown told the crowd at the George Sherman Union’s Metcalf Ballroom on October 26.

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Bars Dispute Goes to Mediation
EL PASO — The City Council will hire a mediator to try to resolve a dispute between an East Side neighborhood and two taverns.
Both bars, the Three Legged Monkey and the Wet Ultra Lounge, operate at Hawkins Business Plaza on property leased out by the city airport. Instead of terminating or amending the lease, council members voted 7-0 Tuesday to take the unusual step of mediation.
For at least two years, neighbors have complained to the city about fights, drunken bar patrons, lewd behavior and loud music from cars that park in the neighborhood. The bar owners say they have tried to work with neighbors but have been rebuffed at every turn.
Mediation, which the city estimates will cost $2,500 to $4,000, will bring everyone together. The key players are Patriot Place, the company that runs the shopping center; the two bar owners; the neighbors; and the city government.

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(Ohio) County May Get Foreclosure Mediators
Legislation requiring Ohio’s common pleas courts to establish a mediation process for residential foreclosures was introduced into both houses of the General Assembly in recent weeks.
Mediation puts an impartial third-party negotiator at the table with both the lender and the homeowner. The goal is to encourage communication between the two parties so that each has an understanding of the other’s position. [
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