Ombudsman Indicted

Texas Youth Commission ombudsman indicted, accused of trying to slip in contraband

AUSTIN – A felony indictment against the newly appointed Texas Youth Commission ombudsman was unsealed Monday, accusing her of possessing a prohibited item in a prison facility.

Catherine Evans, who was a
Republican district judge in Dallas County until stepping down in 1994, is accused of trying to smuggle contraband – including a knife, a cellphone and prescription drugs – past security officials and into a TYC facility in Crockett, in East Texas.

Houston County District Attorney Donna Kasper confirmed the indictment against Evans, who was appointed by Gov.
Rick Perry in September to investigate complaints and problems involving juveniles who are held at state youth lockups.

Aides to the governor said Evans agreed to resign.

“The office of the ombudsman is an important position for the agency and the youth, and it is clear that Catherine Evans’ bad judgment and the indictment have hampered her credibility and effectiveness in this role,” Perry press secretary Allison Castle said.
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