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BofA: A ‘Bad Faith Negotiator’ During Mediation?
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pointedly criticized Bank of America today for not doing enough to help Nevada homeowners during the mortgage crisis, warning that the company must bring more resources to the state or face public scrutiny.

…Reid goes on to scold the company for its performance in the state’s new foreclosure mediation program. Of the eight mediations involving B of A since the program was launched this year, seven resulted in the mediator’s conclusion of “bad faith” on the part of the B of A representative, the senator wrote.
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Venezuela vs. Colombia: Two leaders seek outside mediation
After bridge explosions, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe agree on one thing: current conflict won’t be resolved without outside mediation.

No two leaders in Latin America mistrust each other more than leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and conservative Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.
The relationship between the Andean presidents, always tense, has been in a down-spiral since Colombia announced a plan in July to grant US troops expanded access to its bases.

And backing down for both men will likely require outside help; many observers say that the two leaders will not be able to come to terms without a third party. “If there was any situation that demands outside help and intervention, it’s this one,” says Mr. Shifter. “The lack of trust is so deep.”
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Germany Taps ‘Credit Mediator’ To Spur Lending
FRANKFURT — The German government has appointed a “credit mediator” to foster dialogue between banks and small and medium-sized German companies that have insufficient access to credit, Germany’s Economics Ministry said Wednesday.
Hans-Joachim Metternich will be based in Frankfurt and companies can apply for mediation starting from March 1. He is currently spokesman for the management of ISB, the Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Mediation An Attractive Option During Hard Times
The Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center has a staff of full-time and volunteer mediators all with one goal in mind — bring people together to resolve disputes in a collaborative rather than an adversarial setting.

But its biggest selling point of all is it’s free. No wonder the number of cases handled by the center has risen by 26 percent over past year.

…Lately, the center has been seeing a lot of cases in which landlords and tenants are at loggerheads.

“It’s more of a level playing field now,” Stromberg says. “In the past there has been a feeling that the landlords hold all the cards. But now it behooves the landlords to works things out with their tenants because they need the business.”
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