Emotions in Negotiation

Interested in leaving emotions out of your mediation or negotiation? Go ahead mate- let me know how that works out for you!

For those, like me, who realize how important it is to be mindful of emotions in every mediation and negotiation the following audio clip (Note the interview is done by Dr. Josh Weiss, Harvard Program on Negotiation) I think you will find incredibly beneficial. I have read Fisher and Shapiro’s book

Beyond Reason many times and consider it a vital reference tool for preparing for mediations as well as designing any training program I put together.

Fisher and Shapiro mention how five core concerns which can be used to stimulate helpful emotions include (page 204):
Appreciation: This is achieved when you understand the other’s point of view; finding merit in their thoughts, feelings and actions. Oh, and don’t forget to appreciate your thoughts, feelings and actions too!
Affiliation: As the mediator or negotiator, building connections between the two parties helps build rapport and accumulate yeses. Accumulating yeses is a good thing. Why, it helps build rapport. Yes, I just went in a circle and the point is rapport and yeses helps bring parties closer towards working collaboratively and not seeing each other as an adversary.
Autonomy: Very simply, everyone like being part of the decision process and not being told what to do or be given the answer or solution- even when you think it’s the best solution.
Status: Acknowledge people’s status- be it their title at work, in their community, or in the family. I am not saying let it dictate terms or unbalance the playing field but acknowledging people’s status can help the other side move forward in a positive manner.
Role: Include them in the process!
Yes, this is very short and simple for a reason. Listen to the audio link, why bother reading my words when you can hear the author?! I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.
Remember, these core concerns I think are best view not as separate concerns but seeing how they interplay with each other as well as other concerns.Enjoy the interview [


4 Responses to “Emotions in Negotiation”

  1. togetheresolve. Says:

    Hi Jeff, was nice reading your posting.Please lets keep in touch for future cooperation in the field of mediation.emmy irobiMediator baseed in Poland

  2. Ben Ziegler Says:

    Hi Jeff, agreed…Beyond Reason is a fine book. I like just about everything Fisher has written – even his book Getting it Done (collaboration with Alan Sharp), which was written with people in organizations in mind, will appeal to mediators. Fisher just seems to know how to convert his experiences & insights into easy-to-relate-to practical advice for others.

  3. Mediator Jeff Says:

    Emmy,I am glad you enjoyed it!I must admit, I would love to do work in Poland!-Jeff

  4. Mediator Jeff Says:

    Ben,I have not read Getting it Done, but it sounds like I need to add it to my wishlist. I just recently ordered three books on mindfulness and conflict resolution which I am looking forward to reading.I agree- Fisher's style is definitely one in which he presents the subject matter and terms in such a practical manner making it easy to understand and retain.-Jeff

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