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Phrases For Active Listening

April 5, 2009

Get out that mediator toolbox , pen and paper, here are some phrases that can help:

Phrases for Active Listening

Encouraging “Can you tell me more?”
Clarifying “When did this happen?”
Summarizing “Let me see if I understand what you just said.”
Acknowledging “I can see you are feeling very angry right now.”
Open Questioning “Why?” “What would you like to see happen?”
Responding “I see it this way …. How do you see it?”
Soliciting “I would like your advice about how we can resolve this.”
Encouraging “How would you feel if it were you?”
Normalizing “Many people feel the way you do.”
Empathizing “I can appreciate why you feel that way.”
Reframing “I understand that you feel …. when s/he ….”
Validating “I appreciate your willingness to be here.”

Did I come up with this? No, they did [here], have a look at the manual for more information.