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Recent Accomplishments

December 1, 2009

Recent Notable Accomplishments –
Jeff Thompson


Mediated over 70 cases in 2009. Cases include community mediation centers, Manhattan civil court and New York County Lawyers Association.


2 day training for security personal in advanced conflict resolution skills.

Designed conflict and communication skills workshop for over 200 NYPD Community Affairs Bureau. officers.

Designed an Interfaith Dialogue and Communication Skills workshop.

Various requests to speak in other states and with other police departments.

Public Talks

CUNY John Jay College- Overview of the Community Affairs Bureau and how communication skills can be utilized in de-escalating situations and promoting community and NYPD relationships.

Cardozo Law School- same as above.

St John’s University- Embracing Diversity in NYC and the NYPD (communication techniques).

Bond University, Australia- Spoke to Graduate students on how effective mediation and negotiation skills can be applied to numerous situations.

Southern Cross University/Centre For Peace & Social Justice, Australia- Public talk on mediating in NYC and as well as policing, cultural issues and communication. [read more]

Robina Town Centre, Australia- Public talk with the Queensland Police Department on how both the NYPD and QPD both use communication and community engagement to establish relationships with the communities we serve. [read more]’s 2009 Cyber Week Event- Designed and hosted Web 2.0: Going From Oh? To Know! The event featured three top bloggers and the editor of sharing their experiences and provided tips on how to use different web technology to help your practice. The event has been archived. [read more]


NBC Nightly News- Interviewed by reporter Tiki barber in regards to the NYPD Cricket Program. View the video [here]

Interviewed by California author and mediator Steve Mehta. [read and watch here]

ABC Radio Australia- Interviewed live on radio in regards to the Robina and Southern Cross events.

Additional interviews with (but not limited to) Al Jazera, BBC, BBN3 and the NY Sun.

Published Articles

Article on mediation and communication published in California State Bar Association’s Magazine: Trial Styles.

Published over 60 times at, the leading worldwide website in mediation.

Articles listed at national organization Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) website.

Article on mediation and communication published in Spring 3100, official NYPD magazine distributed to over 30,000 members.

Featured in an American Bar Association (ABA) law student paper in regards to using communication to peacefully resolve incidents during a protest. [read here]

New York Law Journal- Featured in an article forthcoming regarding credit card debt mediation cases.

Featured Blog at and International Mediation Institute (

Featured In Articles

Newsweek article- Featured in an article regarding the volunteer mediation work I have done with Safe Horizon in New York City Civil Court. [read here]

Sydney Morning Herald– Feature on the front page of the website in regards to the NYPD Cricket program. [read here]

Tweed Daily News, Australia

Gold Coast Bulletin, Australia

Werner Institute, School of Law, Creighton University Newsletter Win-Win (Fall 2009)

News Links 1.18.09

January 18, 2009

News Links For 1.18.09

Obama Must Focus on Conflict Resolution & Developement in Africa (
Many are hoping incoming President Barack Obama will devote special attention and resources to Africa. But given the enormity of the global financial crisis and challenges in managing two wars and multiple crises in the Greater Middle East, Obama is expected to give little immediate attention to the continent where his father was born…

DOJ Mediators to Assess BART Shooting (AP)
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department has sent mediators to Oakland, Calif., to help resolve tensions arising from the fatal New Year’s Day shooting of an unarmed black man by a white transit police officer.
The officials are from the department’s Community Relations Service, which was created by the 1964 Civil Rights Act to help resolve and prevent racial and ethnic conflict and violence.

Rent a Judge (
California lawyer/entrepreneur Rafael Chodo has created RENT-A-JUDGETM, “an innovative new service that combines litigation and mediation to provide an alternative to traditional court proceedings”: a fixed-cost ($10,000) one-day trial. The parties share the cost equally and RENT-A-JUDGE provides a written opinion within five business days of trial.
Just another step along the road to changing the way law is practiced

Mediation reduces values by $2.05 million for 40 (
Another $2.05 million has been knocked off the assessed values of 40 Luzerne County properties that went through court-level mediation, according to a review of settlement orders.

That brings the total mediation reductions to $2.59 million for 56 settlements reached to date.
Property owners undergo mediation when they challenge their county assessment appeal board rulings to the Court of Common Pleas. The county appeal board solicitor and property owner must both agree to the settlement amounts…

US Does Not Consider Mediation In Cyprus (
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Matthew Bryza stated that the US is not a party to the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus and did not consider acting as a mediator in the process…

Mediators Help Halt 400 Foreclosures (
In its first five months, Connecticut’s judicial mediation program helped more than 500 families keep their homes.
“The success of the program is encouraging,” Roberta Palmer, the judicial mediation program director, said Thursday, the same day she delivered a report on the program to a Judicial Branch committee reviewing foreclosure procedures.
There is room for improvement, according to Palmer and Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk and a co-chair of the banking committee, who hopes to fine tune the program as it develops.
Public Act 08-176, which was signed into law June 12, created the mediation program.

16 Tips for Successful Mediation Participation

January 14, 2009

Here are 16 tips from the Virginia Department of Employment Dispute Resolution. You might find this list useful in adding to you current way of getting clients ready to prepare for mediation. Enjoy!

1. The power to settle this dispute lies entirely with you and the other party.

2. Come prepared to work hard and use, to the fullest, this opportunity to reach resolution.

3. Approach the mediation with the willingness to be open and honest about the issues that you find problematic.

4. Admit to yourself how you might have contributed to the problem.

5. Be ready to look to the future and to let the past be past.

6. Be prepared to state your concerns and what you need to resolve your concerns in two or three sentences.

7. Think about what the other party’s concerns may be and what the other party might need to resolve these concerns.

8. Be ready to offer creative solutions to the problem that address both your needs and the needs of the other party.

9. Make sure that you and the other party in the mediation have the necessary decision-making authority to resolve the issues.

10. Commit to uphold the confidentiality of the mediation discussions.

11. Carry out all agreement items in good faith.

12. Be mindful that this agreement is a “point of departure” for your ongoing efforts to improve your working relationship, not the final destination.

13. Re-visit the items of agreement at least every 2-3 weeks to see if they still make sense or if they need further clarification or adjustment.

14. Take the initiative to seek out the other party and continue to discuss how to make the agreement work.

15. Recognize the potential for the need to ask for help or a return to mediation, if the situation begins to worsen, and do so before things get out of hand.

16. Celebrate your decision to utilize the mediation process and use your power to resolve the dispute.


January 5, 2009

Hello all!

For some time now I collected a decent amount of resources to help me practice, promote and teach mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques. I also thought that since these materials have helped me greatly, why keep it to myself when my purpose in getting involved in mediation and ADR is to benefit others. I finally decided the best way, at the moment at least, is to attempt at blogging and sharing everything I have with everyone else.

If people enjoy it, I will continue, if not I’ll stop and consider my time not wasted but worth the effort. So enjoy mediation and this blog that I named (there goes the mystery behind the name!)!