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Holiday Gift Ideas!

December 9, 2009

Celebrating the Holidays?

For those looking to get gifts for someone this holiday season, here’s some suggested items that I think possibly will bring a smile to that some-one-special’s face!

Hey, that someone special can even be yourself! (click here to visit)
I use malas to mediate daily. Yes, they are Buddhist tradition based, but I know plenty of people that are not Buddhist and use them to mediate and prayer in their respective language/religion. I often tell people during trainings that an effective skill to communicating is listening and breathing. Well, this mala has helped my often! Plus, you can custom make a mala there as well.


Again, Buddhist or not, this book by the Venerable Yifa is a masterpeice. It is the third book by her and an absolute gem. Read the review [here]

Discernment—the quality of mind that analyzes and perceives accurately the nature of something and then forms a thoughtful and accurate judgment about it—is not something chanced upon or casually adopted. Discernment is a facet of the mature person, of a certain temperament, who can see through the superficial and illusory to the heart of the matter. While relying, to a certain degree, on innate intelligence and curiosity, discernment needs to be cultivated. It requires discipline and education.

Check out her other books [here]
Buy it [here] among many other places.

Milk Frother
For when you run out of money from visiting Australia just for a Flat White (what’s a flat white you ask?? read here), or going broke from visiting Starbucks too often for lattes, you can now froth your milk at home with ease!

Note, this is not the one I have but it looks pretty similar.
Mine works great and really impresses people when they visit my place (so what if it’s only once a year!).

Hey, it could work during a mediation- what better way to call for a break during a tense session than by saying, “Excuse, I have to go froth the milk!”

Read more and possibly buy it [here].