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Saturday News Round Up

May 29, 2009

Mediation Bites… Really!

PORTSMOUTH — After a session of marital mediation in the district court’s family division, Elizabeth Loveday threatened to kill her estranged mate, then hit and bit the mediator, police allege.
Full article [here]

Coyotes Enter Mediation
Nope, not another ‘sensational headline grabber’ by me. I am referring the to Phoenix Coyotes- the hockey team and how they are now in mediation with the National Hockey League.

“On Tuesday, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge put on hold who controls the team and whether it can be moved to Canada.
The delay in those key issues gave the NHL encouragement that the Coyotes will at least play the 2009-10 season in the desert.”
Full article [here]

This is the amount a mediator is charging for a two day mediation.
“…The mediation is scheduled for today and Wednesday in Berkeley. The county and the contractor split the roughly $25,000 cost of fees for mediator Randy Wulff.”
Credit to Geoff Sharpe from Mediator Blah Blah for finding this story.
Full article [here]

Mediation- A Most Civil Job
It was five years of watching fierce arguments – often unresolved – as a Lexington School board member that made Robin DiGiammarino look into mediation as a form of conflict resolution. One of the basic principles she quickly learned wasn’t surprising: the source of most conflicts is a lack of communication…
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Housing Authority Calls For Mediation
Tempers seem to have cooled over the recent large, related fights on the southeast area of town, and local officials say they want to help keep it that way. Thirteen people face charges from two brawls on the 2300 block of Hollywood Boulevard and another at City High School last week. Up to 60 people, mostly juveniles but some adults, were involved in the fights, which attracted a lot of media attention….
Officials don’t plan to stop there. The Housing Authority is scheduling mediation with the families to try to resolve the dispute.
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Sweets, Sex &…. Mediation!

May 21, 2009

Being a ‘People Person’ May Be All in Your Head

According to that title, I am sure I was a tabloid headline writer in a previous life. There is a connection to the three, really!

This headline has been making the rounds all over the Internet, including the homepage of Yahoo!

The opening paragraph to the US News & World Report (website link here) is the following:

TUESDAY, May 19 (HealthDay News) — Regions of the brain that process pleasurable experiences such as sweet tastes and sexual stimuli are the same ones that determine whether an individual is a “people person,” say European researchers.

The Full article can be read [here], but for some of you, the above might be enough to start some great conversations.

By the way, if you have no idea who that is in the picture:

1) You are probably not laughing.

2) Please rent the movie Office Space at your earliest convenience.


ADR News

May 20, 2009

Nukes & Mediation- A Role For Japan?
…It is appropriate that Japan, a non-nuclear nation and a major peaceful user of nuclear power, is serving as a mediator to eliminate distrust between nuclear-capable nations and non-nuclear states and restore trust in the NPT system.What do you think? Read the full article [here]

$68.2 Million Claim Heads to Mediation
The hope is that mediation will help build consensus and avoid further litigation that could be costly and take up more time, said Rachel C. Strickland, a New York attorney representing LandAmerica.
“I think this case is just screaming out for this kind of mediation,” Huennekens said.
In mediation, a bankruptcy judge of Huennekens’ choosing will first take on a claim that the Henrico-based LandAmerica filed against the exchange company.
The parent company gave a total of $65 million in loans to help the exchange company cover operating costs when investments in auction-rate securities became illiquid.

Full article [here]

Mediator Enters College & Union Talks
Contract negotiations between College of the Canyons and the union representing 450 part-time faculty members resume today, this time with the help of a mediator to work through issues involving pay and seniority rights.”Hopefully the mediation works out where the district sees the fairness of both issues,” said Beverly Cope, president of Part-Time Faculty United.
Full article [here]

Tamil Tigers Call For Mediation
Somewhat breaking news, the Tamil Tigers have recently admitted defeat to the Sri Lanka government and I came across this article (posted in complete due to the shortness of it):
OSLO: Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels are willing to surrender their arms to a third party, after having conceded defeat in a 25-year civil war, former peace mediator Norway said on Sunday. “I have been in touch with the Tamil Tigers many times today,” Norway’s Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim said. “They have made it clear to us that they are ready to give up arms to the international community,” he said. reuters
From [here]

The Use of Mediation in Construction Disputes
Geoff Sharp over at Mediator Blah Blah found this 40 page, 2009 report on the above title, have a look [here]

Chad Opts For UN Mediation With Sudan
Chadian President Idriss Deby has opted for the mediation of the UN, instead of the African Union (AU), to resolve the crisis between the country and Sudan.The President announced the decision while addressing thousands of his compatriots, who were protesting last week’s rebel attack against Chad. Chad believes the rebels were sponsored by Sudan Both countries have traded accusations over alleged support for their insurgents.
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ADR News

May 14, 2009

Fiji Mediation Success Rate
SINCE the inception of the Mediation Service over 84 per cent disputes have been resolved through mediation.It was initially launched by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment and based on the above figure Fiji’s settlement rate better than some foreign countries.“Compared to other countries like Singapore, their mediation centre settlement rate is 75 percent and other countries are about 80 percent,” Taito Waqa, the ministries Permanent Secretary said in a statement yesterday.
Full story [here]

Six years of dispute resolution for Victorian commission
The Victorian Small Business Commissioner’s office is celebrating six years of dispute resolution and has just handled its 5500th case. The office has established an alternative dispute resolution service which has involved not just local small business but national franchises.
Full story [here]

Mediation Pedagogy Coneference at Harvard Law School
If this is the first time you are hearing about this, it is safe to say you will not be attending the conference which is a shame. Don’t worry though, I won’t be there either but I do have some collegues attending which hopefully will be giving me a full report upon return.

What is the conference all about? from the site:
The conference will bring together academics and professional trainers of mediation to discuss teaching the skills and concepts of mediation to a variety of professional and disciplinary audiences. Our goal is to question pedagogical assumptions, share our experiences, and learn from each other. While the conference is open to the public, it will be geared primarily toward those who teach mediation.
The PON has assembled a fantastic list of presenters including Lela Love, Steven J. Brams, Ran Kuttner, Bruce Patton, and Leonard L. Riskin among many others.
Read more [here]

Labor Party Wants Court Mediation To Handle Native Title Claims
The federal coalition won’t say if it will support changes to the native title system in the upper house, after Liberal senators raised concerns about giving the Federal Court more power.
A draft law passed the lower house on Thursday which would give the court a more central role in adjudicating native title claims, of which there is a backlog of about 500.
Labor wants the court to manage mediation with the aim of encouraging negotiated settlements rather than costly litigation.

Full Story [here]

Mediation Continues Over Weatherman’s Sacking
Mediation between sacked climate scientist Jim Salinger and the state science company which employed him failed to reach an agreement today, his lawyer said.
Dr Salinger was sacked from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) last month after more than 20 years service.
The high-profile scientist, whose work contributed to a Nobel prize, was reported to have been axed for ignoring a new Niwa policy against speaking publicly without prior approval…

…After the two sides met at a closed mediation session in Auckland today, Dr Salinger’s lawyer Alex Hope said that no agreement had been reached but negotiations would continue.
Full story [here]

Mediation & ADR News

May 5, 2009

Staff Demand for Conflict Resolution Up 25%

The number of formal complaints filed by faculty and staff to the conflict resolution section of Human Resources has increased by 25 percent this year, a university official said.
Shari Barnes, conflict resolution facilitator, said the number of complaints received rises every year but this year’s 25 percent jump is the largest increase ever. It has been available to university staff members since October 2000 and to faculty members since May 2005, she said.

Full story [here]

Vodafone Says No To Mediator
Vodafone yesterday rejected 12th-hour offers from independent mediators to settle the row over interference from the new Telecom 3G mobile network.
Full story [here]

Should Town Hire a Mediator?
ESSEX — Days after residents were shown plans to subdivide Conomo Point south of Robbins Island Road — a benchmark in a process given the go-ahead by voters last year — residents at tonight’s annual Town Meeting will be asked if the town should hire a mediator to help reach a common ground over what’s to be done with the rest of Conomo Point.
Full story [here]

Kansas City Cuts Mediation Program
The City of Kansas City, Mo., Dispute Resolution/Community Relations section of the Human Relations Division has been eliminated due to adoption of the fiscal year 2009-10 budget. Reduction in Force procedures also eliminated all remaining staff in that office last week.
Full article [here]

ACORN Pushes For Mandatory Bank-Homeowner Mediation
Organizers for ACORN held a press conference on the steps of the Osceola County Courthouse in Kissimmee, Florida on Tuesday, April 28 at 1:00 PM to introduce a mediation program designed to help homeowners under threat of foreclosure stay in their homes.
Full story [here]

Problem Solving Profitable? [and more news]

April 20, 2009

Problem-solving surprisingly Profitable

It began as an experiment in local problem-solving. Making money was the farthest thing from anyone’s mind.
Today, it is one of Toronto’s most successful social enterprises.
Twenty-four years ago, a pioneering community activist named Ruth Morris proposed a way of handling neighbourhood disputes. Before going to the police or city hall, residents would bring their clashes – over noise, parking, garbage, privacy, pets, rent arrears and property issues – to a trained volunteer who would help them resolve the conflict themselves.

…Since its founding in 1988, the business division has made $2 million. Its clients have included the Toronto police, the Children’s Aid Society, General Motors, Canadian Pacific, the University of Toronto and the federal Department of Indian Affairs.

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Small businesses demand corporate mediators
The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has stepped up its campaign to convince the Treasury to fund a team of specialist mediators that would resolve lending disputes between small businesses and their banks.

A poll of the trade body’s members found that just over 70pc would use such a service, which the FSB said would help overcome some banks’ unwillingness to extend credit to viable businesses.
Similar schemes have already been set up in France and Belgium in response to the credit crisis.

Full article [here]

Program preps inmates for return to families
HAGERSTOWN — A unique program geared at preparing prison inmates to reunite with their families and loved ones upon release has spread to Washington County.
Following models already in place at prisons in Baltimore and Jessup, Md., the Washington County Community Mediation Center last month started arranging “re-entry mediation” sessions for inmates at Maryland Correctional Training Center, a medium-security men’s prison south of Hagerstown, said Valerie Main, executive director of the Washington County Community Mediation Center.

Full article [here]
Ambulance Group Still Waiting For Mediation
Victoria — Striking B.C. ambulance paramedics say they’re still waiting to hear from the Ministry of Health about a mediator in their dispute.
B.J. Chute of the Canadian Union of Public Employees said yesterday that Health Minister George Abbott suggested last Thursday that government representatives were ready to talk about appointing a mediator.
However, an official with the B.C. Ambulance Service also said last week that the two sides were too far apart for a mediator.

(Jeff’s note: in regards to the last sentence- isn’t this why mediation can help- to bring the two sides closer together???)
Full article [here]

Bill Will Have California Teachers To Learn Mediation & Negotiation
…the Assembly approved the first bill of Assemblyman Bill Monning, D-Monterey, which would train teachers in defusing school confrontations.

Assembly Bill 1 would allow teachers to take coursework in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other techniques as part of their professional development.
AB 1 passed 49-24 but not before other lawmakers subjected Monning to the traditional hazing of new lawmakers during floor debate on their first bills.
“I am a little concerned that this is another example of the Legislature passing laws that don’t apply to themselves,” Assembly Hector De La Torre, D-South Gate, stressing the need for conflict resolution on issues like the budget.

Full article [here]

Mortage Mediation Plan Unveiled
MADISON, Wis. — Two Wisconsin lawmakers will unveil a foreclosure plan at the state Capitol on Tuesday.
State Sen. Lena Taylor and State Rep. Leon Young will introduce the “Mortgage Mediation” plan.
It would ensure that even if a foreclosure settlement cannot be reached, mediation efforts would assist both the borrower and the lender.
A plan would be created to streamline proceedings, avoid unnecessary delays and potentially shorten the foreclosure process by up to 15 months.

Check Out Kenneth Cloke
In the area of Champlain College in Vermont? Check out Kenneth Cloke’s talk on “How Mediators can Save the Planet”.
Read more [here]

The Closer [star rated article]

April 14, 2009
Usually I post a few articles in my news posts but because I found this one to be so good and worthy of a read, I am posting it solo.

It is the first ever star rated article here at my blog so… Enjoy!


Read the article [here]

At the heart of some of New England’s biggest tragedies in recent years — priests abusing boys, a tunnel collapsing on a woman, a nightclub going up in flames — one blunt, foulmouthed, storytelling mediator has been helping everyone move on.

…The key to any mediator’s success is trust. And the key to Finn’s success, in particular, is his will to close the deal. “Paul simply goes out and gets it done. That’s his reputation,” says Leo V. Boyle, who represented the family of Del Valle, the 39-year-old woman who died in the tunnel collapse. “Paul gets the big cases, and then he gets them done. That’s what it’s all about in mediation. It’s not the cases you get, it’s the cases you finish.”

…mediation has seen a surge in popularity. Why go to trial, the thinking goes, if a settlement can be quietly, and often quickly, achieved? (What happens in a mediation is confidential by law.

…THe first thing you notice about him is that he’s nothing like a lawyer. He doesn’t watch what he says or how he says it. Finn speaks plainly, uses no jargon, and curses — a lot. “He’s got a gunfighter kind of sharpness about him,” says Olan Horne, one of the victims in the 2003 sex-abuse case. “He doesn’t waste a lot of frivolous moves. He’s very focused.” But there’s also a mischievous twinkle in Finn’s eye, as if he knows something you don’t.

Read the Full article [here]

Highschool Musical & Mediation!

April 9, 2009

Highschool Musical Part IV: Mediation Time!

Trying to get your kids to think mediation is cool?
Can’t convince them the better choice is communication- not violence?

Well, tell them Venessa Hudgens of Disney’s Highschool Musical uses mediation.

Read the pointless article [here]

Parishioners from eight dioceses seek mediation for parish closings
WASHINGTON – Parishioners from 31 groups in eight U.S. dioceses have joined forces to ask the Vatican to suspend parish closings and to instruct bishops to negotiate the closures with local Catholics…
Peter Borre, co-chairman of the Boston-based Council of Parishes, formed in 2004 to oppose parish closings, said the effort is meant to offer a “third way” for the Catholic Church to respond to changing demographics, financial concerns and the declining number of priests nationwide. Full article [here]

Hospital, Town set for Mediation
Trinity Medical Center and the city of Irondale will use mediation in an effort to resolve a multimillion-dollar dispute over the hospital’s decision to switch its relocation to U.S. 280.
The hospital and government officials will meet May 27 in an attempt to settle out of court an argument over the city’s investment to prepare a site off Grants Mill Road for Trinity to build a $316 million, 424-bed hospital.

Full article [here]

Ambulance Group In Mediation

A member of the Sauk Prairie Ambulance Association’s oversight commission hopes to avoid what could become a heated public confrontation between the two organizations over the fate of Rikky Schiller, the ambulance association’s embattled president…

…Wenzel, who is married to Schiller’s husband’s sister, will mediate the meeting.
“My main goal is to get them to communicate,” Wenzel said. “There has been no communication between those three. This is not the time to go back and bring up old grudges. If they can communicate maybe they can work this thing out before it goes to a total fracas at a public meeting.”

Full article [here]

Somililand and Conflict Resolution

(Somalilandpress) – Traditionally, disputes and conflicts in Somali society are resolved through recourse to an unwritten code of conduct or social contract called xeer: traditional law agreed upon by the clans in each area, and dependent on the deliberations of elders who gather to resolve specific problems within a clan or between clans…

…New xeer rules are developed to address unforeseen occurrences, so the system is a dynamic and evolving one. Aggrieved parties may negotiate under the auspices of a Guurti or else a group of mediators known as ergo may be despatched to attempt to mediate between the parties without becoming overly engaged in the subject-matter of the dispute. If a settlement is not agreed at this stage, a xeerbeegti or jury, may be appointed to pass judgement on a given case with each party being expected to accept the verdict.

Full article [here]

Was A Terror Suspect, Now a Mediator [plus more news]

March 30, 2009

Was a Terror Suspect, Now A Mediator

Pakistan is using ex-terror suspect Hyarbyar Marri as a mediator between the terror outfit which kidnapped UN official John Solecki and the government to get the American citizen released.
Marri, recently acquitted of terrorism charges in the UK, was approached by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry to use his influence with the kidnappers, Dawn reports. Full story [

Mediation and Arbitration Helps in Construction Disputes
When it comes to profitability, a lot can be said for the way a company manages information. That’s been the overall theme of the Construction Specification Institute’s three-part webinar series, “Maintaining Profitability in Your Construction Business,” which concluded this afternoon. Bill Dexter, a risk-management consultant and trainer, Mary Jones, a California attorney specializing in alternate dispute resolution and Marge Mellody, a mediator specializing in real estate-related disputes, continued that focus when they discussed dispute resolutions during today’s session.

Full story [here]

Mediation Fails

For those that think mediations are always resolved successfully:

NEWARK — Mediation has failed in a civil suit between a local contractor, the Board of Education for the Licking County Joint Vocational School District and others, but another avenue to avoid a lengthy trial still might be available.

Attorneys for all sides met with a mediator Friday, but because no settlement was reached, the prospect of a month-long jury trial beginning April 28 looks increasingly likely.
The case will have spent three years on Common Pleas Judge Thomas Marcelain’s docket by then.

Full story [here]

Internet Mediation- Cybersquatting Hits Record

The number of cybersquatting complaints reached a record in 2008, the World Intellectual Property Association reported Monday.
Geneva-based WIPO, which is charged with resolving such disputes, said there were
2,329 complaints filed with the WIPO Administration and Mediation Center last year. That’s an 8 percent increase from the year prior.

And the numbers are likely to skyrocket as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to launch new top-domain spaces by year’s end.

Full article [here]

SafeKiwi- Promoting Mediation in New Zealand

“LEADR NZ is pleased to be involved in the new SafeKiwi™ internet-based ‘escrow’ financial service, launched yesterday by Christchurch businessman Mike Pero. An escrow account, like SafeKiwi™, is a legal arrangement in which one party deposits funds under the supervision of a neutral third party, until the terms of an agreement have been met and the funds can be released. SafeKiwi™ ( is marketing the service to companies, corporates, individuals and government departments and, in particular, expects the service to be popular with small businesses and sub-contractors.

SafeKiwi™ will use the Public Trust as its custodian. Carol Powell, chair of LEADR NZ, says she is delighted that SafeKiwi™ is promoting mediation as the first option for resolving disputes that may arise between parties to the service.

Full article [here]

Mediation Program So Successful, It’d Going Be Canceled!

March 27, 2009

Mediation Program on the Chopping Block

That’s right, despite the fact that the mediation program between Police and civilians in San Fransisco is doing so good, it is still on the chopping block because of the budget woes.

How successful is the program? participants in the program have given it a whopping 96% satisfaction rating in 2008.

From the article, “The program is a bright spot for an office rebounding from a withering 2007 city controller’s audit that found “officers who arguably should have been disciplined, counseled, or retrained were not” because 53 percent of the time the office failed to complete investigations by the nine-month deadline.”

Read the article [here].

Btw, on the topic of budget cuts, I found this picture on the web and had to post it as my
“Pic of the Day”.