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Mediator + Money?

October 12, 2009

Tammy, over at Mediator Tech, posted another brilliant piece on “How to develop a financially successful mediation practice: a review“.

Ever wonder how many phases there were to the process? Ever wonder if there were even phases involved?

Yes, I know you did and here they are:

Phase 1: Become a trained mediator – the foundation for everything else on the pyramid

Phase 2: Practice through volunteering – building your skills and your credibility

Phase 3: Part-time practice – you’re getting paid, but not able to support yourself yet

Phase 4: Part-time practice – starting to get case momentum, realize it’s time to decide whether or not to commit to making mediation your day job

Phase 5: Full-time practice – able to make a reasonable living as a mediator

Phase 6: A premier practice – booked months out, people will wait to get on your schedule, you can be selective about the cases you will accept

If interested, read more on it [here].