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March 11, 2009

Today’s Mobile Post

(it means I sent this via my mobile phone!)

Never underestimate the power of taking a break.

A good negotiator trys to never makes a quick decision. Being well prepared allows you to explore all possible options, tactics and offers that may arise.

That said, the unexpected will (and can) come up. Instead of reacting, the better option is responding. Sometimes you need to think about your response and to fully comprehend its full meaning. Taking a break can give you that time.

How to take a break:
Say you need to make a phone call
Say you need to take a break to get a drink of water
Say you need to use the bathroom
Ask to speak to the mediator separately or your partner (if you brought one)
Say there has been alot of things said, and you’d like to take a few minutes just to gather everything with the mindset of going forward

These are just a few examples, I am sure you have some too which are based on experience. Remember, slowing things down allows you to go forward. Also, by taking a break, it helps you maintain your self control.

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