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Problem Solving Profitable? [and more news]

April 20, 2009

Problem-solving surprisingly Profitable

It began as an experiment in local problem-solving. Making money was the farthest thing from anyone’s mind.
Today, it is one of Toronto’s most successful social enterprises.
Twenty-four years ago, a pioneering community activist named Ruth Morris proposed a way of handling neighbourhood disputes. Before going to the police or city hall, residents would bring their clashes – over noise, parking, garbage, privacy, pets, rent arrears and property issues – to a trained volunteer who would help them resolve the conflict themselves.

…Since its founding in 1988, the business division has made $2 million. Its clients have included the Toronto police, the Children’s Aid Society, General Motors, Canadian Pacific, the University of Toronto and the federal Department of Indian Affairs.

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Small businesses demand corporate mediators
The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has stepped up its campaign to convince the Treasury to fund a team of specialist mediators that would resolve lending disputes between small businesses and their banks.

A poll of the trade body’s members found that just over 70pc would use such a service, which the FSB said would help overcome some banks’ unwillingness to extend credit to viable businesses.
Similar schemes have already been set up in France and Belgium in response to the credit crisis.

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Program preps inmates for return to families
HAGERSTOWN — A unique program geared at preparing prison inmates to reunite with their families and loved ones upon release has spread to Washington County.
Following models already in place at prisons in Baltimore and Jessup, Md., the Washington County Community Mediation Center last month started arranging “re-entry mediation” sessions for inmates at Maryland Correctional Training Center, a medium-security men’s prison south of Hagerstown, said Valerie Main, executive director of the Washington County Community Mediation Center.

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Ambulance Group Still Waiting For Mediation
Victoria — Striking B.C. ambulance paramedics say they’re still waiting to hear from the Ministry of Health about a mediator in their dispute.
B.J. Chute of the Canadian Union of Public Employees said yesterday that Health Minister George Abbott suggested last Thursday that government representatives were ready to talk about appointing a mediator.
However, an official with the B.C. Ambulance Service also said last week that the two sides were too far apart for a mediator.

(Jeff’s note: in regards to the last sentence- isn’t this why mediation can help- to bring the two sides closer together???)
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Bill Will Have California Teachers To Learn Mediation & Negotiation
…the Assembly approved the first bill of Assemblyman Bill Monning, D-Monterey, which would train teachers in defusing school confrontations.

Assembly Bill 1 would allow teachers to take coursework in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other techniques as part of their professional development.
AB 1 passed 49-24 but not before other lawmakers subjected Monning to the traditional hazing of new lawmakers during floor debate on their first bills.
“I am a little concerned that this is another example of the Legislature passing laws that don’t apply to themselves,” Assembly Hector De La Torre, D-South Gate, stressing the need for conflict resolution on issues like the budget.

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Mortage Mediation Plan Unveiled
MADISON, Wis. — Two Wisconsin lawmakers will unveil a foreclosure plan at the state Capitol on Tuesday.
State Sen. Lena Taylor and State Rep. Leon Young will introduce the “Mortgage Mediation” plan.
It would ensure that even if a foreclosure settlement cannot be reached, mediation efforts would assist both the borrower and the lender.
A plan would be created to streamline proceedings, avoid unnecessary delays and potentially shorten the foreclosure process by up to 15 months.

Check Out Kenneth Cloke
In the area of Champlain College in Vermont? Check out Kenneth Cloke’s talk on “How Mediators can Save the Planet”.
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