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American Institute of Mediation

April 2, 2009

Our Mission-

Offering a unique and diverse curriculum whose sole purpose is to raise a mediator’s level of practice, the AIM Institute is where leading mediators turn to continue their learning and career development. Being free of academic constraints and embracing other disciplines allows AIM to expand the frontier of this developing profession.

That’s the first thing you see when visiting their site. AIM is located in the Los Angeles area, but if the next thing you are saying is, “Well that’s great for people in LA, what about everyone else?” Do not worry, they already thought of that- they will be having online courses available. Unfortunately, that part of the site is still under construction so we’ll have to wait to see which classes are offered online.

At the actual location, such courses offered over the following year includes:

Intro to A Career in Mediation
Mediating & Negotiating Commercial Cases
Mediating Divorce Agreements
Deal Mediation: Facilitating Complex Business Deals
Mediation & Negotiation Ethics
Mediating Foreclosures
Post-Disaster Mediation Training

So, are you now saying, blah blah, I am an experienced mediator, I do not need such entry level training? Well, Lee Jay Berman and the rest of the faculty at AIM have a whole set of courses listed under the title of “Mastery Mediation Series”.
‘Mastery’ courses include:

Settle More Cases: The Essence of Mediation
The Cross Roads of Conflict
Beyond Yes: Deeper Wisdom & The Art of Negotiation

Lee put together a nice crop of qualified instructors including Kenneth Cloke and Erica Ariel Fox.

I think if you are the rookie mediator or the full, old, wrinkly veteran of the game, there is always room to learn. Be it online, from fellow peers, books, trainings or seminars, I advocate everyone to continue their education. The American Institute of Mediation might be able to help.

Is an AIM course, be it in person or online, worth it for you? Attempting to speak like a true mediator, I can not decide for you, all I can say is you must think what is best for you 🙂

Have a look at their site [here].