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July 17, 2009

Mediator Offers Neutral Opinion During Divorce
A news release crossed my desk last week saying that many couples separate at the end of the school year.
Well, that got my attention so I read on and soon found myself immersed in an e-book on mediation…

If you are going through a separation or divorce and are overwhelmed by the considerations, this book is a good place to start. In plain language Zutter covers all the tasks facing you and makes sense of it all. Even if you don’t choose mediation, the book is still a great resource for laying out the process.
Read more [here]

UN-AU mediator suggests resumption of Darfur Peace
KHARTOUM, July 15 (Xinhua) — The joint mediator of the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU), Djibril Bassole, said on Wednesday that he had put forward to the parties of the conflict in the western Sudanese region of Darfur to resume the peace talks in August in Doha, capital of Qatar.
“I have provided a proposal to hold the next round of negotiations in August…”

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‘Hate Ads’ Go To Mediation (Tasmania/Australia)
Tasmania’s anti-discrimination tribunal has called for mediation in the case between Timber Communities Australia (TCA) and human rights campaigners Martine Delaney and Peter Power.
…Delaney and Power jointly allege that the TV ads, attacking Green Party policies, demonised same-sex couples and intersex people by, amongst other things, associating them with the international symbol of harm, poison and death, the skull and cross bones.
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Funds To Go Towards Mediation
Local judges will have a new tool available to them in the battle against truancy, as Howard County commissioners voted unanimously Monday morning to increase court filing fees to pay for a mediation program targeting non-attendance.
The program, run by Lubbock-based Dispute Resolution Center and funded with grant money, recently popped up on the county’s radar during a meeting between local law enforcement officials, according to County Judge Mark Barr.

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Political Rivals in Honduras Accept Mediation
WASHINGTON (AP) — Both sides in Honduras’ leadership crisis on Tuesday signaled willingness to forge a diplomatic solution to the deadlock over the fate of President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted last month in a coup.
Zelaya and interim Honduran leader Roberto Micheletti agreed to accept Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, a Nobel Peace laureate, as an international mediator.

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Debt Mediators Australia Say, “Bank Fees Push People Into Bankruptcy”
A Stafford debt mediation business has claimed bank dishonour fees are pushing people into bankruptcy.
Figures released from a Debt Mediators Australia online survey have revealed two-thirds of people in financial stress struggle to make repayments because of financial institutions’ dishonour fees.

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ADR News

July 10, 2009

NYPD Cricket Featured on CNN
From Wednesday’s post [here], see the video at the bottom (just press play)

When Not To Negotiate
Mediation or negotiation in family disputes, while attractive in principle, can often be ineffectual, and at worst, counterproductive. In the 1989 film, The War of the Roses, Barbara and Oliver Rose were in such extreme conflict over their dream house, they eventually killed each other. Only judicial intervention could have stopped the carnage.
The importance of dealing with divorce in the best possible way when one-third of Australian marriages fail is clearly crucial to the well-being of the community. Over the past 25 years, family disputes in Australia have been increasingly resolved through mediation and negotiation, rather than litigation. Since the mid-1990s, “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) has become the most common way to resolve family feuds.

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Candidate Touts Mediation Experience
Democrat Michael Allen of Santa Rosa says he’s best qualified to succeed Noreen Evans in the State Assembly because he has been a member of State Sen. Patricia Wiggins’ staff since 2007.
…Allen said his background as a “community mediator specializing in conflict resolution and interest-based negotiations” also makes him a good choice to bring solutions to Sacramento.
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How To Be Your Own Mediator
After you vent your side of the story, retell the story from the other person’s point of view.
Here is how to do this. Choose a specific conflict with one other person. Particularly useful is selecting a person who you blame for the current poor working relationship. Now, find someone else who you can confide in to be a listener and do the following exercise.

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Bid To Halt Soccer World Cup Strike
Mediation efforts are under way in South Africa in a bid to end a national strike which has brought construction at 2010 World Cup sites to a halt.
Some 70,000 workers downed tools on Wednesday demanding a 13% pay rise but employers are only offering 10%.
Construction companies have described other union demands as “unacceptable”.

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Georgia Gov Appoints Mental Health Ombuds
Governor Perdue Wednesday announced a new position to help Georgia fix its broken mental health system.The Mental Health Ombudsman will investigate complaints of abuse and other concerns.Jewel Norman’s resume includes running a psychiatric hospital for children and teenagers. She also advocated for mental health legislation for the State Department of Human Resources. As Ombudsman, Norman will provide checks and balances for Georgia’s new mental health agency.
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Retired No More!

Congratulations to Hon. Harry Sheppard (Ret.), a retired Alameda County Superior Court Judge, for recently joining JAMS. Retired life just was not meant to be!

“While on the bench, Judge Sheppard was a ‘go-to’ judge for resolving complicated cases. He is known for his fair and even temperament, thorough knowledge of the law, and extraordinary work ethic and preparation,” said Chris Poole, JAMS President and CEO. “We are pleased that he is joining our Northern California panel.”

“I have always enjoyed problem solving as a judge, and I look forward to working full-time as a JAMS arbitrator and mediator,” said Judge Sheppard.

Friday News Round Up

June 26, 2009

A Network Theory of Conflict Resolution

Definitely worth a read:
Creating an “energy landscape” from networks of friends and enemies could lead to a better way of resolving disputes.

“Suppose you have two friends who detest each other. The resulting awkwardness often resolves itself in one of two ways: either you drop one of your friends, or they find a way to reconcile,” say Steve Strogatz and buddies from Cornell University. They go on to add that the overall social stress in these situations corresponds to a kind of energy that relaxes over time as relationships switch from hostility to friendship (or vice versa).
Read more [here], I know you want to, especially after glancing at that exciting graphic.

Bring Mediation In House Is Cost Effective
This story has been making the rounds on a few discussion groups:
…Resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution, as opposed to litigation, is one way that a corporation can save money. ADR can also save the corporation time because it is often less disruptive to business operations than litigation. And, when it is used to resolve disputes with customers, it can have a positive impact on customer relations. Mediation, in particular, can be an effective way to resolve customer disputes in a way that is better for everyone involved.

…The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center began utilizing mediation about five years ago as a way to resolve certain legal disputes and grievances that patients or families (the center’s “customers”) have with the system.
Full article [here]

Maine Adds Foreclosure Mediation
...The basic result of this law is that every person being foreclosed upon now has the right to mediation, if they so choose (“opt-in”) by filling out and returning a simple form. The model program on which this law is based originated in Connecticut.
Read more [here]

Preaching To The Choir
Yes, as the headline says and I know you heard and read it plenty of times, but read it again- the benefits of court connected mediation. This one is from Reno: Click here for the article.
In all cases, the mediators use a “facilitative model,” the executive director said. After assembling in a conference room, the mediators work with the parties to identify the problems and possible solutions. Unlike in court, non-monetary solutions, such as repairing or returning property, are possible. If a decision is reached, it comes from the parties.
…The center’s success rate–more than 90 percent, according to its Web site–is higher than the national average, he said.

Self Determination

June 23, 2009

We all know a common benefit of mediation is self-determination. That is one of the main differences I think mediation has compared to other methods of trying to resolve your issue especially compared to litigation.

What happens when you do not get to choose the mediator? Sometimes it is a problem, but other times, no one cares.

An example of it not being an issue is in most civil court related mediation programs, the mediators follow a rotation and it is not an issue. You get whoever is up next and everyone is fine with it.

Now switch over the New York State Senate, which has been inactive for two weeks due to a ‘coup’ by the Republican Party leaving the Senate 31 republicans and 31 democrats. What does ‘even’ mean here? It means nothing is getting done. They can not agree on anything and there is no legislation even discussed.

Governor Paterson has tried to intervene by appointing two mediators, one democrat and one republican. Sounds good, right? Sounds fair, one guy from each party?

Guess again, spokesman for State Senator and sort-of Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R) said this, “This is total bulls – – -, and we’re not buying it. “

Paterson, who is a democrat did not get any better comments from members of his own party. Two noteworthy comments are:

“How does someone who is not a party to a dispute think he can pick mediators and impose them without even checking with the disputants?” asked a top Democrat who has been trying to settle the struggle.

“It looks like a governor trying to be relevant and it’s not going to move the process along.”

Again, these are people from his own party!

What could one of the reasons you might be asking for such an uproar?

This might be it:

“How does someone who is not a party to a dispute think he can pick mediators and impose them without even checking with the disputants?” asked a top Democrat who has been trying to settle the struggle.”

So yes, self determination can start with the selection of the mediator(s) and not allowing the parties can have an adverse affect, regardless of the intentions. Just ask Governor Paterson.

Quotes are from the NY Post article [here].


June 19, 2009

NYC & Foreclosure Mediation on the Horizon?
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently endorsed a proposal to create mandatory mediation in foreclosures in New York City. The program he said would be based on the successful model currently in use in Philadelphia. That is the good news.
The bad news is it will require passage at the state level which currently has the NYS Senate embroiled in more-infighting-than-usual with the Senate not having an official session in days.
Read the full story [here]
here’s another story going further into the Philadelphia story and how other cities are trying to replicate them “US mayors urge states to require mortgage mediation” [here]

Oslo Mediator’s Conference Opens
The Oslo Forum 09 opens on Tuesday. The Forum seeks to provide diverse, frank and discreet discussions between top mediators and other key actors from around the world on major issues affecting peace and conflict today.
Full story [here]

Marquette law school to run foreclosure mediation program
The Marquette University Law School will provide mediation between lenders and residential borrowers facing foreclosure under a program funded with proceeds from a successful lawsuit against mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp.
Full story [here]

Mediation offers business opportunity for attorneys
The first class included 19 members, but its ranks have grown to over 500.
Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph Boyd and Florida State College of Law Dean Talbot D’Alemberte helped establish the Florida Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) in 1986 and it provided a statewide center for education, training and research in alternative dispute resolution. One of the functions of the DRC is the certification of mediators and mediation training programs. The first applicants certified to practice in the Fourth Judicial Circuit earned certification in 1991 and that group has grown from about 20 to over 500 people practicing in four different fields: county, circuit, family and dependency.

Full story [here]

‘On The Move’
Respected Construction Attorneys James F. Nagle and Douglas S. OlesJoin JAMS Global Engineering and Construction Group
June 15, 2009 – SEATTLE – Respected construction attorneys James F. Nagle and Douglas S. Oles announced today that they have joined the Global Engineering and Construction Group of JAMS, The Resolution Experts, the nation’s largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services. They will be based in JAMS Seattle Resolution Center. Both Mr. Nagle and Mr. Oles have extensive experience resolving large-scale construction disputes.
Full press release [here]

United States Institute of Peace New Website Design
THE USIP has recently redesigned its website, have a look [here]. In case you forgot or for some odd reason you never read it when it was originally posted, they offer free online training certificate programs. Read more about it [here] and all about their multi-media resource section for peacemakers [here].

Have an interesting mediation or ADR related story? Send it to me at

DRC-NY Listserv Proposal

June 15, 2009

NYC-DR Listserv Proposal

The original blog posting on this issue is [here] with many comments posted within the posting

[Here] is an update on this “Web 2.Oh!?! issue

As my follow up to the recent NYC-DR listserv cavalcade of comments, I thought I would post a separate posting on Maria Volpe’s (the listserv administrator) comments as well as mine. As mentioned [here], there are two issues. The first is the people’s opinions to the original post. I will not go into this issue but rather issue two is what seems to be rocking the foundation of the listserv that has been around since 2001. Some people like the numerous replies to a topic while others feel the listserv is not the place to be inundated with dozens of emails. They signed up to get information, not people’s opinions.
Maria’s method to handle this is as follows:
Proposed strategy: Between now and the next monthly NYC-DR Roundtable Breakfast on July 2nd,
[1] Solicitation of feedback: please send me your thoughts about facilitating information exchange and discussion among those interested in dispute and conflict resolution, peacemaking, facilitation, dialogue, restorative justice, violence prevention, social justice and related fields in the New York City metropolitan area. Send your emails to me at not the listserv
[2] Feedback analysis: all responses that are sent by July 1st will be collected and analyzed;
[3] Informal discussion: after the NYC-DR Roundtable Breakfast on July 2nd at 10am, everyone who is interested in participating in an informal brainstorming discussion about options is invited to join in [by the way, the July speaker will be Camilo Azcarate, Manager of Mediation Services at the World Bank];
[4] Listserv Update: relevant information will be posted on the listserv shortly after the July 2nd meeting.
In sum, between now and July 2nd, please send me your thoughts about managing the communication process. Your feedback will be shared with the group on July 2nd. The easiest way to respond to me is to press reply or write to

My humble opinion is there is a benefit in moving the listserv to another platform. Moving the listserv to a web based platform like how a blog (but not an actual blog!) is set up I think might get everyone to a win-win resolution. Using the platform similar to a blog, everyone can sign up and receive comments the same exact way they currently do. Here is the big change. The new platform will allow people to post their comments directly to the topic. Anyone else can then post their comments to the original topic OR the already listed comments.
Still with me? (Drum roll please) and here comes my version of the win-win resolution.

Part I- you can sign up to the new format of the listserv and get only emails of new topics. This is the same as you were doing it always nothing changes.
Part II- You can visit the new format by going to a website address. You no longer have to be a subscriber.
Part III- Options of subscribing. You can subscribe to the new version of the listserv the following ways:
1) Just receive topic posts
2) Sign up to individual topics to receive notification each time someone comments.
To go further in point 2- it allows many more options. How? Here are some examples:

Logan visits the web address occasionally to see what has been posted. He gets to see news and trainings and also he gets to read some comments. He receives no emails.
Kara subscribed to the new format to be notified of every new topic posted. She likes getting up to date information on what’s going on and subscribing to the news, training and articles posted by a reliable source is important to her.
Ignatius is not signed up like Logan and during a random visit, has a really strong opinion on a topic posted. He posts his comment and moves on.

Danielle is signed up like Kara and also like Ignatius, has a really strong opinion on a topic posted. She posts her comment and moves on.
Franco is signed up to receive emails of each topic posting. One topic in particular he found interesting and posted a comment. He signed up to be notified of future comments and now is engaged in a beneficial conversation with his peers.
Veronica is not a listserv subscriber but loves the back and forth comments on a certain topic so she subscribes to that particular topic AND comments. Anytime anyone responds to the topic she will now receive an email.
Tenzin is not on the listserv found a topic of interest, found the comments interesting and now has moved on.
I have attempted to post each possible point of view, and how the new system can meet each of those view points. I believe that each reader fits into the role of Logan, Kara, Ignatius, Danielle, Franco, Veronica or Tenzin. The new proposed format even allows you to change in between those options. Real life or the old Web 1.0 does not allow that!
If this did not make sense, check this link for a chart version of the proposal.

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Let’s look at this issue together and try to move forward together. The listserv in its current format I think might be part of the old way of doing things. There are many interests in such a large group. The current format is not accommodating everyone and with new technology presenting itself since the listserv’s founding almost eight years ago, why not embrace this new technology to advance our great group?
If any of this is confusing, I will happily answer any questions. Of course another option, which I think is reasonable as well, is to just leave it as is!

Web 2.Oh!

June 14, 2009

Web 2.Oh!

Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been in the ADR World-Wide-Web! Over at the NYC-DR listserv someone two weeks ago posted a request for facilitators between a certain age range. This created a firestorm of response. Some were very well written and opinions from both sides were in depth. Trying to keep my opinion aside (for as long as I can), there was a noticeable amount of people on the listserv that objected to all the opinions being raised. To keep things in perspective, there are approximately 1,500 people on the list.

The web, in this case a listserv, is a valuable resource that allows many different people, from many different places to express many different opinions. When is ‘many’ too many though?

If you want to read the original message and some of the featured responses, read my posting [here].

So how do you properly run a listserv that meets the needs of everyone? I’ll answer that very quickly by saying it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time. The listserv statement does clearly say the following:

Before going into the changes suggested by members, I wanted to look deeper into the issue. There are actually two issues the way I see it. First, the issue is the original post and if people thought it was fair to put such a limit on a request (it was age restrictions in case you old people forgot!). The second issue is I think is the massive amount of replies it received resulting in issue two- should such discussions remain on a listserv?

Perhaps the ‘Word of the Day’ is autonomy. “The Greater the autonomy we exercise, the greater the risk that our actions will be perceived by another person as impinging on their autonomy.”
[1] Roger Fisher’s passage here is spot on. One side was suggesting it continue as they enjoyed the conversation. The other side, not enjoying it (to put it mildly in some cases), wanted it moved away.

Those who liked it suggested people for those who did not to simply delete the messages or subscribe to a weekly digest.

In a ‘Web 2.Oh?’ moment, I found it shocking that in this day and age one’s email inbox could reach capacity from the back and forth responses. A certain subscriber gave the real example stating AAA tried contacting her for a case but could not as her AOL inbox was full. Just an aside, I do not suggest using AOL for work email, make the change to a service like Gmail where the storage capacity is much larger.

I wonder if any of these suggestions are done with empathy? Were people looking to continue their interests while meeting the others as well? This seems like an obvious example of a dispute with a partial basis on varying interests. Initially, I think a false consensus bias might have played a part as well.

The above comments I think applies to the other side as well. Suggesting it be moved over to a blog to continue the in depth discussion rightly solves their own inbox flooding problem. However, is there the chance the other can view this as fixing a problem that does not exist? I met the wishes of this request by posting the original posting and some responses (see it here) and as I said privately to one member via email something along the lines of, “I honestly do not think anyone will post their comments here [at the blog] as the suggestion was made not by the people commenting but rather those who do not want to read the comments. They did not ask for this and because of potentially being viewed as them being pushed here (without choice) I think they will shun it.”

That is exactly what will happen. I did receive many emails privately thanking me for posting it and there was a peak in visits to the blog (not hard to do when it is just dad and mom reading this usually) but zero public comments or discussion. Perhaps chalk a line on the ‘no one likes being told what to do’ column.

So what is the next step? Maria has made some suggestions. I suggest before reading them, ask yourself the questions I ask below and compare it to what she suggests.

Of course I cannot end this without mentioning my opinion. I am not really choosing sides but what I do want to add is this discussion I believe allows us to interact on a peer level that usually is only found, if you are lucky enough, after spending a couple of hundred bucks to attend a training or conference. This engagement is accessible to all. There is no fee charged by Maria to be a member.

There are many topics I would think would be ripe for such powerful, thought provoking responses. Caucusing, certification and hybrid models are three off the top of my head that I think are interests that would appeal to the majority of members. Is the preliminary question where should it be held though?

We are all knee deep in what we are supposed to do as professionals- stopping the cycle of verbal pushing, name calling (arguably happened) and self serving suggestions to search for a solution where everyone’s interests are met. I am the first to admit it is much easier to be a neutral than a party involved in these types of situations as there is for the most part a void of emotions compared to being involved.

Additionally I am not poking at autonomy- theirs or mine. I hope that for all those involved (bystanders too) this will allow you to reflect on what would you do if this issue was brought to you as a third party neutral? How will you handle all the emotions? What could you do to get each side to empathize? What is each side’s BATNA? Are the relationships, on the many different levels, important?

[1] Fisher, Shapiro (Penguin, 2005 Beyond Reason) page 74


June 13, 2009

More on the DRC-NY Listserv
For those of you wondering what’s the latest with the current situation regarding the DRC-NY Listserv, this Monday I will be posting my proposal on how to possible find the ‘win-win’ situation as well as on Tuesday will be another recap of the situation. You can read the original post [here].

New Era For Mediation
THE chairman of Sale Sharks[professional UK Rugby team] has been recruited to a high-profile national panel of senior lawyers and accountants to provide a new level of corporate mediation.Quentin Smith, who has been an independent mediator since leaving law firm Addleshaw Goddard two years ago, is the only northern representative on the panel, which is headed by Lord Woolf and Cherie Booth QC.
The new body is a collaboration between the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the mediators’ professional body the Alternative Dispute Resolution Group (ADR). It will focus on issues such as contracts, intellectual property rights and lending agreements.
Full article [here]

Role For An Ombudsman?
This is not an article but rather a reflection by me. Given the recent more-than-usual craziness in the New York State Senate, would it have help, or even currently help, if there was an Ombudsman for the Senate? Could he/she been able to release a report on findings regarding the situation? Even if one was released weeks from now, would it be beneficial? The Ombuds could also serve as a confidential mediator in this situation as well. Thoughts?

Have Mediation Skills, Will Travel
10 June 2009 – The United Nations special on-call mediation team has helped respond to sticky problems all over the globe in their first year – and should do more, according to a top official at the world body.
Full article [here]

‘Special Master’ Feinberg to Take on Bankers
June 11 (Bloomberg) — Kenneth R. Feinberg, who mediated disputes over compensation for damages from the Sept. 11 attacks and Agent Orange, must now separate bankers from their paychecks.
Feinberg, named yesterday as the Obama administration’s “special master” on executive pay, will have authority to regulate compensation for 175 executives at seven companies that received “exceptional” government help.

“I’m not a czar who is going to impose my will,” Feinberg, an opera fan, said while listening to Verdi’s “Nabucco” in his law office. “My mandate is to help determine compensation levels for the 175 people. I will consult with them and work with them.”
Read more [here]

Freedom of Information Office Appoints First Ombudsman
WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Archives appointed a veteran open government advocate Wednesday to be the first Freedom of Information Act ombudsman, empowered to mediate disputes between people who request data and the agencies that have it.
Miriam Nisbet, who now heads the information society division of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris, was chosen to direct the Archives’ new Office of Government Information Services, acting Archivist Adrienne Thomas announced.

More [here]

Irish Minister To Launch Elder Mediation Program
A NEW mediation service dealing with problems of families and carers with family members suffering from dementia and similar diseases will be launched this week by Áine Brady, Minister of State for Older People.
The service is a pilot project involving collaboration between the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Northside Community Law Foundation. Its launch coincides with an international symposium on elderly mediation which starts today in the Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin.

Full article [here]

Mediation Helps, Even in Jail!
Sally Garnett is hardly a cheerleader for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. After all, prosecutors threw the book at her recently for “lifting” her housemate’s jewelry, she says, landing her in jail for three months.
…After prepaying $63.60 for phone service from inside the jail, Garnett says the company she contracted with didn’t deliver a single call. Prepaying relieves family and friends of the cost of a collect call from jail — the only kind inmates are allowed to make.
Instead of busting her, this time the district attorney’s office was ready to lend her a hand with its busy but little-known Consumer Protection Unit. Its members not only fight big fraud cases in court, but also attempt to resolve consumer disputes — like Garnett’s — through free mediation.
No case is too small for the six volunteers and three paid mediators…

Full article [here]

ADR News

June 5, 2009

IMI Mediator Blog Roll

Yes, Diane does have the best blog list on the planet at ADR Blogs but that does not mean no other site can have a list too, right? IMI (International Mediation Institute) has a nice, global list [here].
Also, you have less than one month to finish your profile to become IMI certified under the current format. After that, the process will be much longer so don’t wait! Visit their site [here].

I forgot to mention this last Friday and thanks to Tom at Jaffe Associates for reminding me.
NEW YORK/ROME – JAMS, the premier mediation and arbitration provider in the United States and ADR Center in Italy announced an agreement to form what will be known as JAMS International ADR Center to provide mediation and arbitration of cross-border disputes and training services worldwide. The first JAMS International ADR Center will have its offices in Rome and New York with additional hearing locations in Geneva, London and Brussels. JAMS plans to establish a network of international centers to provide the same high quality services for which JAMS has become known.
Read more [here].
Obama, The Mediator-in-Chief
Barack Obama hopes to turn another page. Instead of domestic issues like race relations, the Mediator-in-Chief steps deep into the throes of Middle East diplomacy today.
Obama seems most himself when tackling a big issue. He identifies the big problems, affirms angst and points out the failings on all sides (that all sides can tolerate being pointed out). He sets a flag on common ground. He talks of bold outcomes but favors incremental action. We know the script and cadence…
Read more [here]
Pilot Project to Test Mediation in Family Court
FREDERICTON – The Liberal government is launching a pilot project that will give families the option of using mediation services to settle disputes outside of the family court system.
The announcement came on the heels of a report released Tuesday that found New Brunswick’s family court system was “needlessly adversarial, frustratingly slow and much too expensive.”
Read more [here]
Mediators Slam Plan to Close Center
Mediators across the country are condemning the Justice Ministry for its plan to close the National Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at the end of June, in accordance with a decision reached by the previous government. The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee has called for the ministry-based center, which oversees some 25 public mediation centers throughout the country and has been in operation for 11 years, to remain open. The Justice Ministry has agreed to reconsider the matter.
Many of the conflicts the local centers resolve have to do with divorce
Read more [here]
Parade Seeks Mediation in Confederate Flag Flap
The Veterans’ Day parade, a 47-year-old tradition in Homestead, is in limbo.
On Thursday morning, officials from the Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce’s military affairs committee unanimously voted to defer making any decisions on continuing or disbanding the popular event.
Instead, the executive board of the committee, known as the MAC, has accepted an offer of mediation by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service, said Jeffrey Wander, who chairs the committee.
The impartial federal group assists communities in resolving conflicts related to race, color and national origin.
”I think this is the best course of action,” Wander said. “To cancel a parade offhand would dishonor the veterans.”
The parade has grown controversial after the Sons of Confederate Veterans marched with the Confederate battle flag on Nov. 11. The Miami-Dade chapter of the NAACP, along with members of the former Homestead/Florida City Human Relations Board, have called for the flag to be banned.
Read more [here]

Saturday News Round Up

May 29, 2009

Mediation Bites… Really!

PORTSMOUTH — After a session of marital mediation in the district court’s family division, Elizabeth Loveday threatened to kill her estranged mate, then hit and bit the mediator, police allege.
Full article [here]

Coyotes Enter Mediation
Nope, not another ‘sensational headline grabber’ by me. I am referring the to Phoenix Coyotes- the hockey team and how they are now in mediation with the National Hockey League.

“On Tuesday, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge put on hold who controls the team and whether it can be moved to Canada.
The delay in those key issues gave the NHL encouragement that the Coyotes will at least play the 2009-10 season in the desert.”
Full article [here]

This is the amount a mediator is charging for a two day mediation.
“…The mediation is scheduled for today and Wednesday in Berkeley. The county and the contractor split the roughly $25,000 cost of fees for mediator Randy Wulff.”
Credit to Geoff Sharpe from Mediator Blah Blah for finding this story.
Full article [here]

Mediation- A Most Civil Job
It was five years of watching fierce arguments – often unresolved – as a Lexington School board member that made Robin DiGiammarino look into mediation as a form of conflict resolution. One of the basic principles she quickly learned wasn’t surprising: the source of most conflicts is a lack of communication…
Full article [here]

Housing Authority Calls For Mediation
Tempers seem to have cooled over the recent large, related fights on the southeast area of town, and local officials say they want to help keep it that way. Thirteen people face charges from two brawls on the 2300 block of Hollywood Boulevard and another at City High School last week. Up to 60 people, mostly juveniles but some adults, were involved in the fights, which attracted a lot of media attention….
Officials don’t plan to stop there. The Housing Authority is scheduling mediation with the families to try to resolve the dispute.
Full article [here]