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USIP Online certificate courses

January 19, 2009

Online Certificate Course

For those looking to get a quick certificate, the USIP has two great mini-courses online that after passing a test at the end, you get a certificate mailed to you.

The first course they offer is Conflict Analysis [click here]

Read more about the course [here]

From the site:
Academics and professionals in the field of conflict management face extraordinary challenges in dealing with the various phases of conflict, whether it is rebuilding in the aftermath, stopping conflict in progress, or preventing conflict before it begins.
In these efforts, successful educators and practitioners follow a simple precept: effective action depends upon insightful analysis.
This course presents an introduction to the subject of conflict analysis, illustrating analytical tools used, with reference to two extended case studies, the conflict in Kosovo and the genocide in Rwanda.

The second course is Interfaith Conflict Resolution [click here]

read more [here]

From the site:
Religion is frequently cited as a cause of violent conflict, yet dialogue between faith communities often reveals that religion is not a primary source of tension. Moreover, faith-based approaches to peacemaking can be invaluable in promoting understanding and reconciliation.
This course is designed to enhance the peacemaking capacities of individuals and faith-based organizations by focusing on objectives, methods, and best practices of interfaith dialogue, a form of religious peacemaking increasingly recognized for its relevance to 21st Century conflict. The course applies general principles of faith-based peacemaking to two case studies, highlighting interfaith peacemaking efforts between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, as well as the role that various faith communities played in helping to bring and end to the 36-year internal armed conflict in Guatemala.