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The Closer [star rated article]

April 14, 2009
Usually I post a few articles in my news posts but because I found this one to be so good and worthy of a read, I am posting it solo.

It is the first ever star rated article here at my blog so… Enjoy!


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At the heart of some of New England’s biggest tragedies in recent years — priests abusing boys, a tunnel collapsing on a woman, a nightclub going up in flames — one blunt, foulmouthed, storytelling mediator has been helping everyone move on.

…The key to any mediator’s success is trust. And the key to Finn’s success, in particular, is his will to close the deal. “Paul simply goes out and gets it done. That’s his reputation,” says Leo V. Boyle, who represented the family of Del Valle, the 39-year-old woman who died in the tunnel collapse. “Paul gets the big cases, and then he gets them done. That’s what it’s all about in mediation. It’s not the cases you get, it’s the cases you finish.”

…mediation has seen a surge in popularity. Why go to trial, the thinking goes, if a settlement can be quietly, and often quickly, achieved? (What happens in a mediation is confidential by law.

…THe first thing you notice about him is that he’s nothing like a lawyer. He doesn’t watch what he says or how he says it. Finn speaks plainly, uses no jargon, and curses — a lot. “He’s got a gunfighter kind of sharpness about him,” says Olan Horne, one of the victims in the 2003 sex-abuse case. “He doesn’t waste a lot of frivolous moves. He’s very focused.” But there’s also a mischievous twinkle in Finn’s eye, as if he knows something you don’t.

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