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ADR News

August 21, 2009

By Nancy Cook,

It takes about 10 minutes for Diane (not her actual name) to tell her story outside a Manhattan court room. Her husband was diagnosed with Stage III cancer three years ago and treatments left the couple with $60,000 in medical bills. Unable to work through his illness, her husband lost his job and the adjustable rate on their refinanced mortgage shot up. Now, the collection agencies and the credit companies are demanding their money. “I’m sorry to hear this,” says Jeff Thompson, a 30-year-old New York City police officer. “It sounds like you’ve been through a lot.”

Thompson isn’t about to arrest Diane, he’s showing up in court to try to help her navigate a way out of deep debt. Thompson works as volunteer mediator with
Safe Horizon, a New York nonprofit that’s perhaps best known for its work with victims of violent crimes. While that is the group’s main mission, it has recently branched out to help those who have become casualties of the economy, by mediating cases between consumers and their creditors….

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Safe Horizon

July 24, 2009

Safe Horizon Community Mediation Center which trained me in my basic mediation training sent out the following message:

Dear Colleagues: As you may know the Safe Horizon Mediation Program is part of a larger non-profit which strongly advocates and provides services, such as shelters and legal assistance, for victims of domestic violence.

Pasted below, you’ll see that the Allstate Foundation is offering a $100,000 grant to the DV service organization that receives the most daily clicks before Sept 15 as described below. If you can visit and vote for Safe Horizon as often as possible, your help will be much appreciated by SH and the people we serve.


If you can, please support Safe Horizon (you can vote once each day)- I thank you in advance!
You can learn more about Safe Horizon Mediation [here] and more about Safe Horizon in general [here].