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March 4, 2009

M.I.A.’s Dad Wants to Mediate

Firstly, are you ready to show your age by saying who or what is M.I.A.?
She is the very famous musician who made it onto millions of TV’s via the grammys performing on her due date (see the picture). That said, he father is offering his services to to the Sri Lankan Government as a mediator in regards to their current conflict.
“Hip hop sensation and British songster M.I.A’s father, Arular Arudpragasam, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror expressed his interest to offer his services as an independent mediator of the ethnic conflict to the government. Speaking, while in Sri Lanka on a visit, Arudpragasam, said that his 30 years’ experience in Sri Lanka’s conflict, would be the primary reason for his inclination. “Even though, right now, the government through its military strength, is thinking we are going to finish this war and attain peace, I feel that peace may be even further away with the current approach,” said the one-time military mentor of the LTTE, referring to the present arena in the North-East.
A question I have is how is he necessarily independent if he served as a military mentor to the LTTE?
Sounds like he knows what he is educated in the concept of ADR, “Arudpragasam noted that Sri Lanka is not living in an era where a solution can be imposed against the will of a people. He observed that the present solution attempted in the island, which is via military combat, is about imposing a unitary state and for the Tamil people, this means the Sinhalese rule over them, which is what brought them to the current state in the first place.
“It is necessary that we work out a solution that is going to be acceptable to the Tamil people.” With the question of acceptability arising, it was queried as to what exactly he proposes as acceptable to the Tamil people, to which he responded that although there are many other communities as well, the conflict is between the Tamil people in the North-East and the Sinhalese of the South – “The solution lies in bringing a new Sri Lanka into existence where people will feel their rights have been met and they don’t feel threatened.”
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Mediation for Man Killed in Oakland Transit Case?
Mediation has been mentioned as a possiblity by the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) attorney in regards to the case of a man being shot and killed by a BART police officer a few months back. The family of the deceased has filed a $50 million dollar wrongful death suit against BART.
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Kiwi Mediator Appointed
Silver Fern Farms and PGG Wrightson have agreed to appoint a retired High Court judge to mediate an agreement following Wrightson’s failed attempt at a merger with Silver Fern last year.
Wrightson defaulted last year on an offer to buy a 50 per cent shareholding in Silver Fern for $NZ220 million ($A172.22 million), when it could not come up with the $NZ145 million ($A113.51 million) first instalment earlier in the global financial crisis.
Full article [here] To Improve Dispute Resolution Process
To bad the article is an announcement about a future announcement. That said, the U.S. version of ebay uses the dispute resolution company to handle mediation and disputes between buyers and sellers so I’ll make an outlandish guess that the UK version might do something similar.
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