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Communication Needed Now More Than Ever

July 20, 2009

Two people who I have had the pleasure to have worked with previously and whom I consider friends landed in Jakarta this past Friday, only a day after a terrible terrorist attacked at a hotel that killed 9 people and at least 41 injured.
Zach and Deborah, both of Consensus, are there (from their twitter site), “Preparing to go to Indonesia for Search for Common Ground: effort to stave off radicalization of prison inmates.”
I received this message from their colleague– Michael Rosenthal, CEO, of Consensus:
July 17, 2009 (Jakarta, Indonesia)…Consensus, a conflict resolution firm that is a member-constituent of the U.S. Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, landed in Jakarta this morning in an effort to reduce the threat of further violence and terrorism through radicalization of disenfranchised Indonesians. They arrived in the wake of two terrorist bombings in Indonesia’s capital city.
“Terrorist acts like these remind us of the need for peace building efforts,” said Consensus CEO Michael Rosenthal. “They are designed to scare [the public] away, to abandon our objectives, and to change our course. Instead, they strengthen our resolve.” The firm will begin its efforts, which are being funded by the British Government, this weekend.
I wish Zach and Deborah luck and safety during their trip. You can follow their endeavors at their twitter site:
Photo (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)